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All I can say about the last several days here in not so sunny North Central FL is ..............WOW. We left an upturned empty 7 gallon feed bucket out Sunday morning to get a handle on how much rain was going to come down.......its brimmed over the top.

Lost phone on monday afternoon, both land line and cell,different providers for each, but the DSL stayed on, albeit spottily. Got a little studio (jewelry making work done)  between checking stuff, and pumping water OUT of the fish tank..LOL

Our formerly empty 16' deep pond , now is brimming its banks.....All the stunty bass etc are now gone,saving me the trouble of having to do something horrible to remove them . Now I can stock it with cats, and they will at least be safe from hungry bass predation. Prolly going to mean a trip over to the lake to net a pile of Gambusia to keep the skeeters down tho.

I stuck 6 goldies into our above ground partially caved in pool........that was turning into an algae slime fest........well, they were normal feeder fish when they went in several weeks ago, and have grown astoundingly since then......I seeded the top with duckweed to use as koi food...........all much to the dismay of my wife.........LOL

I'm prolly going to use it to raise up the cats to a bigger size when I get them, instead of tossing the fingerlings right into the pond out back.

This morning: Pump failure on the 1 hp submersible dirty water pump from harbor freight.....this is pump #2. Took the bottom plate and impeller off, and my guess is bearings are going will run if given a spin, but wont start itself.......and the housing was getting warm.

I'm guessing I will be replumbing a 1.5 hp almost brand new swimming pool pump in, VS any more submersibles........Just kinda worry at the electric usage compared to the other one.  I had the pool pump hooked up once,and the areation flow back into the fish tank ( 1.5" ) almost knocked out the kois........LOL

 I have an extra node now, and will be adding another NFT tube node shortly ,so hopefully that won't be an issue this go round.

Ahhh, adventures in 'Ponnics........gotta love it!

Hope everyone weathered the storms ok, with minimal damage



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