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So i hooked this thing up sitting above a 300gallon rubbermaid.  1 3/4" outlet pointed staight into the water about 1" above the surface.  When I turned it on the entire 300 gallons looked like the ocean frothy overflowing on all sides lost about 50 gallons of water on the floor of my garage.  I think it will run the 4000gallon pond out back--I was LOL. then had to shopvac and towel up the mess.  It filled 5 gallons in 21 seconds so i figure if my math is correct it is about 2000gph and 30 foot head--i went up on the garage roof with the hose and it was just as strong 15' up.  I only need about 10-12' of lift to run the whole outside system.


Thanks again Bob Geer.

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