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Caution mindless rambling not related to Aquaponics follow. Inspired by the John Todd post I replied to. 

Let me cut to the chase I completed one of my early quests when I found the Holy Grail.  Here is the secret.

"You and the earth are one." My organic medicated brain can't seem to remember if it was a line from one of those 70s Arthur legend movies or just a moment of enlightenment. You know an AHa moment or profound revelation etc. 

I have always been on a quest.  I guess it started when I was young and my after was out at sea as a merchant marine office.  He was away from home a lot came home from those exotic lands with treasures.  He was the first of my gurus.That is what this blog post is about. Those individuals who have enlightened me. My dad spoke many languages and always treated everyone equal and with respect.  Sure there were those romantic images I hold of him in his uniform and the one time I got to go aboard ship and they all saluted him as first officer.  Then there is the story of him coming to court my mother in bayside NY (the city)  on horse back. Yes dad taught me a lot but mostly I think he taught me to be curious.  To read a lot and to wonder. To treat everyone especially foreigners as they have a story and come from exotic worlds.  Then there was grandpa Mike who I named after. You know the old world italian way.  Moms fathers name and Dads fathers name. Hence Michael Damian Cosmo. Well grandpa Mike and Grandma Nellie ran a bungalow colony in upstate NY. As the oldest of al the grandsons I got to spend summers in the country. Although I saw it as being the favored one now I realize I was the summer help too.  Grandpa taught me tools. The love of tools has been a central part of my life. I still have a few of grandpas tools - some of my most treasured amulets. 

So on to the others. Listed in no chronological order but the gurus of my lifes journey. 

John Todd and the other founders of New Alchemy Institute.  By the time I got to NAI I had built several Geodesic Domes and had gone to college for "Social Enviormental Communications"  for Ecological Documentary Film creation. When I heard John speak at The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution about the energy crisis ( around 1978) and solutions.  Well to say the least NAI put me on the path to being a planet steward. as I was already doing the great work.  Solar Aquaponics and Bioshelters. OMG I was in heaven. 

Although i never met Buckminster Fuller  he work and books lead me to sacred geometry. Many of my paths have crossed or should I say been synergistic such as metaphysics and science have always crossed. Bucky really changed my higher educated pre-med mind with "Critical Path".  Here I thought he was talking about how telecomnications would equalize the the people - I thought he meant online bulliten but he visioned the internet, ebay and social media. A true time traveler.  

While swimming up this river of data and revelations I found in the prologs of the NAI journals the GAIA Hypothesis. Hence once again a clue to Grail. So James Lovelock and Lyn Margulis belong on this list with a plethora of quantum physics and Ecological revolutionaries. Wile at NAI I met and should I say got schooled by Gary Hirsberg (yes that is me in the movie Food Inc.Amory B. Lovins and several other Ecologist.  The thinkers and doers of the Ecology movement. 

Now there were many Charismatic souls who were in human forms that I have had remarkable moments with. Some just a few minutes and some for years.  These people had amazing auras and you knew you were in the presence of a world changer.  Although obscure and often single purposed, they have altered or adjusted my path and keep me thinking of my duties as a planet steward.  I will list them with a link if possible and just a few words.

Sherry Belliveau  My soul mate, wife and love. A true healer and empath.

Christopher Hills  Spirulina: food from sunlight.  The food of the ancients. Mana.

Palo Soleri  Archosanti - magical bells and earth architecture  

GAIA  a soul daughter I named Gaia Rhainnon Cosmo  "Earth Moon Stars" in 86 Who I just reconnected with.

Timothy Leary - Paul Horn - Chungliang “Al” Huang I meet all three of these guys at the same time when I was setting up a demonstration of software being shown by MIT at the Humanistic Psychology Conference in Boston. The software was being shown by Leary on how plants can sense your emotions.  I didn't know who there were at first but their conversation was about cosmic crossings. When they saw that the three of us had stopped working and were ease dropping on their conversation Leary asked who we were.  We introduced ourselves with our born names. Cosmo myself and Sky and Cloud.  They just laughed and laughed. I had many future crossings with both Cloud and Sky who I met that moment. 

Medicine Story He also married us. His stories and work guided me when I was living in the egalitarian community "Another Place" 

Gina and Tonya - Tim and Susanne and of course Sylvia.  Who have become instant cosmic friends.  Old souls as we often say. 

My Sons - and grandchildren who as they say out the mouths of babes continue to enlighten me every day.


So back full circle to Grail. As I have learned "you and the earth are one" We are all part of GAIA. As create, plan and repair the systems of Aquaponics. Don't forget the Grail. Talk, sing and love the creatures of these kingdoms.  Imagine and visualize the fairies, devas and elementals.  Read Findhorn and remember all of science was once magic. The three steps to finding the Grail Believing - Knowing - Letting go. 

La Luna La Luna La Bella Luna. 



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Comment by Gina Cavaliero on August 24, 2011 at 3:25pm
With the utmost humility, thank you Cosmo.

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