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Still going. A Jacuzzi about 300 gallons supports about 75 Tilapia, three type, I think. It also has 3 channel Catfish about 12" long and 3 Chinese Catfish about 8 to 10" long. The Tilapia, especially the white ones are at least 10" and while I do nothing to bred or separate them, they must keep the population in check. There are always juveniles present. Maybe some grow and others don't.
The Tilapia same age and from the same source in an 80 gallon and a 40 gallon eat plenty, but stay small. I attribute it to the size of the tanks,
Over the last year I lost only 3 tilapia, 1 was picked on, 1 jumped out and one from the stress of moving them.
I have also never used a master test kit, only the funky test strips and just depend on look, smell and watching the plants. Not real scientific, but working.

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