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Well this time last year I was working on a new business called City Bounty and honestly not getting very far.  I got busy with other life and shelved the whole thing due to discouragement and busyness.  Now spring is back and my green thumb is itching again and I started dreaming again about what was supposed to be about.  

Then I saw a bunch of youtube videos about "vertical farms" and I am very excited about the possibilities.

So citybounty is going to be slightly tweeked from the old mission. We are still about getting food to hungry people but now I am planning to pursue a vertical farm in Portland goal.

I will be putting ideas here and I am very open to suggestions from you all.  I have watched a lot of videos and read a bunch of articles, but I have not yet built my first system.

I want to create a Huge skyscraper aquaponics farm so I need to learn a lot and also I am looking for cofounders with knowledge about aquaponics and also about business.

There is so much potential and so much to learn and do, I hope I get a chance to get involved in this project no matter who leads it.

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