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Christmas in July...sure.....but What about Strawberries at Christmas !?

Christmas in july... ok sure but what about,
Strawberries for Christmas !?
 The other nite i came home from work to find a most pleasant surprise. A pair of bright white

Strawberry flowers !! YAY ! This in the middle of december too! I doubt they will mature in

time for christmas, but it will be nice just the same. I am so happy and feel blessed with

this gift in my indoor aquaponics system.
  I also have onion flowers blooming, what i think is neat about those is they look like a

bouqette of tiny white flowers. The onion plant has 3 long stems each with blooming fowers.
  while i am sharing about new rosies made babies. i found a baby rosie in my sump

tank while doing maintenance last week! The thing that is so special about this finding is the

path the baby had to take to get there. 1st out the water bridge syphon can, to the flaoting

raft tank, another water bridge, to the grow bed (full of lava rock), then travel into the

homemade bell syphon to the gold fish pond, and finaly another water bridge into the sump

tank.I dont know about you but i think this is quite an undertaking for a baby fish. i put him

in a fish tank that i have baby cichlids in as well as a couple adult rosies...and of course a

couple gold fish that got stuck in my water bridge pipe. i thought if they want out of the

pond so bad, then so be it, off to the fishtank with them.
 I have mint drying, to give organic mint tea bags out for christmas gifts.
 I truely Love my aquaponics!
                            Wild Dog

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