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Back after being AWOL for a while.......been doing lots of studio work, filling orders and whatnot in our jewelry business thru the hot months.

Aquaponicville has run amok....sweet potato's have taken over my 16' long gravel bed forming a pretty huge green canopy on the back (north ) wall and roof...
Malabar spinach has also gone rogue in the flow thru bed, as well as some really good growth on volunteer papaya trees I rescued from the compost tumbler..

Got the NFT node set up and running a couple of months ago...2, 4" tubes one above the other hanging on the outside wall of the greenhouse,they drain into 2, 55 gallon plastic barrel halves, they autosiphon back into the fish tank.....I didn't plant this node yet, just got it up and cycling for now, will be planting shortly....

I've nevr done sweet potatoes before, anyone know when its harvest time? I was planning on just leaving them till the foliage died back, then cleaning out that whole bed-and harvesting at that point.

Thats it for now

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