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Today I solved a major problem I've been having with the Arduino and temperature sensors. When I first set everything up it was working great... no issues. Then a few months ago I moved some sensors around and reconfigured a bunch of wiring, etc. and it started behaving poorly with erratic readings or error messages so I figured I must have a loose connection some where. Turns out that I needed to adjust the pull-up resistor in the circuit to a lower resistor. Whoa 'la... All sensors are back on line! Just in time for Winter. :)

So now I am researching transistor circuits so that I can have a blower fan kick on and pull warm air from the furnace when the temperature gets to a specified temp. 

Water and piped air from the house is working out so much better than I expected. Water hassles and temperature worries have been mitigated almost completely!

Decided to eat one of the kohlrabi today as well to make some room for strawberries! Not bad, but hard to beat super-sweet strawberries and perfect tomatoes!
More info on my project here...
Have a wonder-filled day!
~ Will

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