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A combination of fish and plant production using aquaculture and hydrponics systems, aquaponics is moving from the realm of experimental to commercial. Learn more about this production system and if it might be right for your backyard garden or farming operation.

Recirculating Aquaculture Tank Production Systems: Aquaponics—Integ...

Southern Regional Aquaculture Center.

An overview of aquaponic production including system design, plant and fish production, nutrient dynamics and economics.

Aquaponics: Growing Fish and Plants Together

Colorado State University. Cooperative Extension Service; Colorado Aquaponics

A presentation from a workshop focused on establishing an aquaponic system. Several system designs, fish species, nutrient dynamics, plant crops and useful tips are included in the presentation.

Backyard Aquaponics

Backyard Aquaponics Pty. Ltd.

Find information, publications and products for small-scale aquaponics systems. This company also publishes the magazine, Backyard Aquaponics for hobbyist and small growers.

Aquaponics-Integration of Hydroponics with Aquaculture

National Center for Appropriate Technology. ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service.

Introduces aquaponics, profiles working aquaponic systems and identifies resources and contacts.

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