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Bill Greenleaf of the Maui chapter of Hawaii Farmers Union United and owner of Greenleaf Farms, spoke with NPR National Public Radio this morning about changes in agro-tourism laws that could allow for more tourist to have farm stays in Maui.
I'm thinking Aquaponics operations that can supplement their farms operation with people that want to learn, participate and work on farms. As well as to be able to avoid the typical resort hotel stay.
Glenn Martinez at Olomana Gardens is a great one to talk to about the possibilities. He'll be a keynote speaker at the September 2012 Aquaponics Association Conference.
The link to the NPR show is

For a video look at Greenleaf Farm here`s a link. Greenleaf Farms Video

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Comment by Jim Hall on July 22, 2012 at 11:48am
Well I may want to sign up for one. Please keep me posted. Tuesday is the Maui Farmers Union United monthly meeting, see for the agenda, I can pass info to others when your ready.
Comment by Chris Smith on July 22, 2012 at 11:13am

I am currently working on the same thing on the Big Island. My rental unit on the farm will soon become an affordable vacation rental. We will offer personal training and excursions to the many other aquaponic farms in the area as well as fresh produce from the farm.

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