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Crazy right, I don't really like writing and never thought I was very good at it being dyslexic and spelling challenged but luckily the dyslexia (what a terrible work to expect some one who is to write) I have is very mild and I've been able to cope and work around it (only thing I've never been able to cope with is flash cards,) especially with the advent of spell checking. I do like sharing and this is why I write things, to help teach those who are interested.

Actually, this isn't really so much about "Blogging" but perhaps a bit more about getting bogged down in the software and having trouble keeping track of what I've written in order to more easily share it with those who ask the question that I know I've answered but of course the blog that answered it had dropped down several pages and I'm sorry but this ning software makes it really tedious to go to the bottom of each page to get to the next/previous links to work ones way back in time.

Anyway, one of my favorite blog posts that I often refer back to since it's about the things I so often repeat
to go get a link to that post to share every time some one asks for info is rather tedious and takes more time than I think it should. Perhaps part of the problem is my struggle with how the ning site works sometimes. I still have issues with certain functions of the site being kinda random about loading properly (like the chat window doesn't show me who is online most of the time.) I should probably be better about using tags on my blog posts and that would probably make it easier to find what I'm looking for.

Moving on, I've started writing a series that is kinda like an abbreviated chronicle of my Big System Thread over on BYAP. For those who are interested read "How it all Started"

So perhaps this is just the explanation about why that chronicle is on another site.

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