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My start up consisted of a portable 10ft x 20ft car port, with 4 - 4 x 8 grow troths, a self constructed 4ft x 4 ft x 3ft high self constructed 330 gallon tank and a 100 gallon stock watering tank and 220 fingerling tilapia. That was in July 2011. A major learning experience!
   In 2013 I expanded to 4 additional 275 gallon polly fish tanks and 12 additional 4 x 8 grow troths. and I am about to add 4 more grow troths.  The new growing area is housed in a 42ft x 26ft "hoop house".
    My gross sales for 2013 was just over $200.00, from the original 4 grow troths.

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Comment by Greg McCord on January 5, 2014 at 7:31pm

Congrats to you Dave!. I like the fact that you posted you gross sales figure. I know it may take awhile for a return on your investment, but as long as you are enjoying yourself and learning as you go while having plenty of fresh veggies and fish for you and your family!  There are many who want to make money immediately and forget the joy for Aquaponics and reality of the "learning curve". What types of veggies are you selling? and are you also selling the fish too? Greg

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