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High Amonia; Higher Hopes

A few weeks have gone by since my last post. I checked my ammonia and nitrate levels a week ago, and the results were dismal. I had 0ppm nitrate, and 6ppm ammonia. I resolved that my second fish was going to die, because dependent on the pH of my water (which I neglected to check) as low as .1 ppm can be lethal. I suppose I must have around 6ph water, because fish survived the hard week of high ammonia, and is now super healthy! This week, my levels were up to 30ppm nitrate, and 0ppm…


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I soon began a series of modifications to new Aquaponic garden. Shortly after constructing the initial build, I moved, and had a much bigger window. So, I offset the fish tank, and built four more columns for the WindowFarm following the DIY instructions found on the WindowFarm website. After numerous trial and error attempts, I got the system working with only the occasional leak.

Eventually, it became clear that the sun penetrating my window would not be sufficient to grow plants to…


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My First Aquaponic Garden Arrives!

Fast-forward 2 years. I’m turning 18 and my mom asks me what I’d like for my birthday. Well, I can’t really think of anything else, so I ask her for a Windowfarm. What is a WindowFarm? Windowfarms are vertical hydroponic gardens which are designed to produce food in a small space, namely a New York apartment window. As described on the WindowFarm website;

 “WindowFarms is a Brooklyn-based social enterprise that helps city dwellers around the world grow some of their own fresh food. …


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New Post, New Garden, New Blog

Hey, I’m Devin Solkov. Four years ago I had coffee. Not for the first time, not even for the twelfth time. But this coffee opened my eyes to a different world. No, it wasn’t the first time I tried pour over, or even Blue Bottle. In fact, the reason I even mention coffee is to contextualize a conversation which would define the next chapter of my life. I remember the day well. It was mid-July, the time was 4:35 pm, across from me sat the intelligent and…


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New Greenhouse

Just spent the day digging out holes for the foundation of a new greenhouse! I'm so excited to continue the build process tomorrow, and to move my system "outside". The larger space will mean that I can expand the size of my bottlefarm, and possibly change/combine it with other variations. Pics on the way!

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The Wheel

Just posted a "progress so far" picture of an art piece my partner and I have dubbed "The Wheel". The concept behind this piece came from volksgarden design, however, we upcycled this project from 100% second-hand material; either we found it, had it, or we bought it at the scrapyard. The only thing I bought new in this project were the net-cups, which I later realized I could have made myself from plastic cups I had in the…


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Cleaned the Tank (And made some modifications)

Today was a momentous day! I cleaned out all of my piping for the very first time today, and my system is glorious and clean. Additionally, I made some modifications to the (previously) leaking right pump tubing, which now is working fine. I also changed out my 2-hose pump, to a 4 hose pump, the other two hoses attached to some air stones I had but didn't know how to use!  I decided to figure out how they worked after retiring the filter I had been using as an aerator. These are much…


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I just planted a Flower!

 I just bought this flower today! I forget what kind it is, but I saw it at Imwalle Gardens today, and it told me it needed to live in Tower #3. When I went to transplant it, I learned a valuable lesson: don't rinse off dirt in the sink: the garbage disposal will (probably) eat the dirt just fine, but those white pebbles the proverbial 'they' put in with it will fuck that shit up! I don't think it broke mine though...after awhile the noise of pebble grinding on blade turned to like a…


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