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I have converted the Vertigro stacks to hanging. I built a float bed under each of the tows of stacks.  On the south side I have two rows. On the North side I have One row and and a gravel bed to be over part of the top.  Here are some pics and link to my album


close up of the hanging system


Stainless pipe for hanging

Narrow float bed. 


Corner Detail

Flow system  1/2 cap with 1/4" drip tubes. 


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A lot of work and time went into this. Looking great so far. You definitely are both the dreamer and doer :-)
Keep us posted on your experiences with the 1/4" drip tubing as time goes by. I've always had difficulty with small tubing getting clogged up and requiring daily blow outs to keep them flowing. (They usually run fine for the first several days or so but once they are seasoned with some good bio-slime, the particles tend to get stuck more and clog the tubing more regularly.)


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