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I just finished the outside float bed with 14 Vertigro stacks.  I posted some pics.  The bed is about 34" by 16 feet. I have 7 rafts with 20 holes each.   140 plant spots. The 14 stacks have 4 pots each so that is 56 pots. Each with 4 plant locations.  224 plant locations. 

I made some design changes so that the stacks don't flow onto the rafts. You can see the Mickey Mouse holes for the stacks to flow through. On the bottom of each stack I put a Hair net to catch the fibers. Here are a few pics of this outside float tank.  The pots will be replanted in 3 weeks. When the seedlings are ready.

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I also got the second Fish tank up and running for some new fish that will be arriving in a few weeks. 

I put cover over each thank that will help keep the racoons out and the fish in.  I will close in the open area after I finish the plumbing and siphons. 

Seedlings.  I planted 5 Seedling trays with various lettuce, cukes and some Nasturtiums.  The Cukes and most of the lettuce is coming up great. 


Outside shade cloth added to the front.   Getting it all cleaned up for the tour next month.  I still have to put more weed mat flooring in and do some painting. 

Namaste Cosmo Sir,


So nice to see an update from you. I love the way that you have incorporated the Vertigrow pots and the "Mickey Mouse Ears' in the rafts. Nice :-)


God bless,


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