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With the hope that we have seen the last of the freezes in the 20s I have changed over the greenhouse for spring.  

I put the Aluminet over the greenhouse growing area. 

Opened all the windows on the North wall.  Opened window on the door and the west wall.

Transplanted 200 lettuce seedlings.

Planted seeds of Lettuce, Kale, Snow peas, Spinach.

Ordered seeds from Johnny's. 

Painted and cut 2 sheets of Blue Board into 2x3 floats.

Planted 100 2inch net pots in new floats. 

Put aeration in the DWC tanks.



Design DWC tanks for the outside stacks. 

Test roof ridge cap - solar motor opener.

Plan 2011 Spring Aquapon tour.

Change DWC aeration over to Danner air pump.


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