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Aquaponics Greenhouse for sale. Inverness Fl.  I have to sell my up and running Aquaponics greenhouse due to immediate financial problems. This greenhouse is approx 10x40. It has been designed and built to be disassembled and moved. All of the windows are commercial Double pane low e-glass.  The glazing is high quality Polycarbonate.  It has hanging Vertigrow stacks, DWC float troughs and a gravel bed.  At this time two of the Qty 5 of 250 gal fish tanks are up and running. Danner water and Air pumps. Everything in the Greenhouse is less than one year old.  Aluminet Shade cloth. Many many other things are included. All plants and fish etc of course.  I have spent over 10K on this project and need to liquidate ASAP.  I asking $5000 and you will have to dismantle and move it. Please review my photos for lots of shots of it.  Way too many things to list here. 

First come first serve. 


Greenhouse 1

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oh no!


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