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I have built a Gravel bed which will be the first place the effluent goes after the fish tank. It will sit on top of the float bed under the Vertigro. It is a 12" x 12"  by 10' fiberglass column sleeve.
I am filling it with Aliflor which is like Hydroton but cheaper. Here are some pics of the Gravel bed. I also created a photo album
I cut holes in the top so it will still have support.


I used the cut out top sections to make the ends.  
Sealed inside edges

I sealed it with 5200 that is the best stuff. 

I built a barrier to hold a filter to keep it cleaner where the bell or loop siphon

I then added some paint and graphics to make it look good. 

Vinyl graphics on the sides. 

I will post more photos when I fill it, cut the drain and plant it. 

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Very creative and thoughtful construction for the filter. It will certainly make cleaning and unblocking, if ever needed, a breeze. I will try to incorporate such in some of my future projects :-)

Michael Cosmo said:
The Aliflor bed is 12x12 x 10ft. I blocked off a off about 6 running inches. So it is about 9 cu ft. I put 9 cu ft of Aliflor in it. It sits about 6" over the float bed. The float bed is 16ft long and about 24" wide. When I have the Vertigro hanging you will be able to see the size better. Looks good doesn't it.
Today I planted the alifor bed. I planted Cabbage, Brocolli and greens. I got these plants at the local Ace hardware. I will keep you posted on how they are doing. I haven't put a loop siphon in the bed yet it is in a slow drain mode.

Oct 19th
Well I have planted the bed with what I am sure is way too many plants. But I just had to get my little digits in that red stuff again. I flooded the bed first and even raised the level. Here is a pic of the Cabbage, Kale, Broccoli and now I have planted a few strawberries in there too.


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