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So poor Jeremy asked for a little lighting advice, and look what happened.

From here:

To here: Too funny, Vlad. Hiding your stuff from yourself. Hehe. That reminds me of a story, a bit of a threadjack, but oh well. I was fishing in Baja, about half-way down the sea of Cortez a few years back, when we found floating in the water a bale of MJ. A whole bale, as in straw-bale sized, 20 numbered bags 1 kilo each. Now my buddy and I don't smoke, and even if I did, Mexico is not a place where a gringo wants to get caught with weed. The boat captain, a gringo named Mike living in Mexico, also no longer smoked, but he pulled 1 kilo out and kicked the rest back to sea. After fishing the morning and slaying the yellowtail, we made our way back to the lagoon (san lucas cove) to clean fish, where Mike radioed ahead to a Canadian snow-bird named Al, saying that we had caught a "square grouper". Al asked if we were "gonna keep it", mike said no, unless Al wanted to "eat it". Anyway, long story, but later that evening over fresh sushi and beer and campfire, Al explains that this was not the first "square grouper" he had found. A year prior, he had found a single kilo while beachcombing. Being paranoid of getting caught, and quite stoned at the time, he divied up the pot and stuffed it into a dozen jars and buried them all around the camping area at San Lucas cove, and then forgot were they were. Hilarious. So now every time he's jonesing, he walks around poking a rebar into the ground hoping to hit glass. He said he had found less than half of the total stash, which I still laugh at every time I think about it.

Sorry Jeremy. You can have your thread back.

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To add to my story, San Lucas Cove is a Mexican military base on the southern half, and a run down semi-permanent campground on the northern half, full of retirees, mostly from Canada and Alaska and so on, weathering the winter in Baja. So when captain Mike wanted to communicate the find to Al, he gets on the radio and says something like:
Al, you listening?
Ya, go ahead, eh (he is Canadian after all)
Hey Al, uh, we just pulled in a...(long pause)...a square grouper
(even longer pause)
Did you say a "square grouper"?
That's a square grouper, right?
(super long pause)
You gonna keep it?
Nope, unless you want it
How big is it?
Couple of pounds
Oh Yeah, I'll eat it for sure.

Dang, I still laugh every time I think about it. Looking back, I could have used the $200k that bale was worth (before Cali legalization prices), but Mexican prison is priceless. :)

LOL! you should have tied the remaining 19 bags to different buoy's out in the cove and told all that you 'stashed' 'em for him "out there"... 

That's a great story Jon...

I wonder if the Mexican gov has submarines? I'd set up a sub surface storage and retrieve as needed but then again, unless they have improved their genetics and grow methods, I'd not bother with risking my freedom over garbage. BTW IMO BC bud (commercial) is decent but cant come close to our (Seattle) custom grown or Humboldt county stuff. My friend's op in "Mt. Bitchin" in Santa Cruz, was a wondrous feat of engineering with gravity fed, treetop plantations, escape tunnels and camoed hide-a holes.

Another interesting story: When I fist got here the local newspaper welcomed me by printing an article titled. "Dr. Ma comes to China to teach the Chinese government how to grow grass" (fodder/ sprouts); ~ to combat desertification. Anyway, it tickled me at the time.

Great story Jon. At least your bud always has something to do when he's at the beach. It can get a bit boring

Hey while we are on the subject have you been following all the buzz about raw hemp curing many forms of cancer. MDs are getting behind the discoveries and one oncologist has gone on the record that it is the biggest cancer cure discovery in 100 years. It only becomes a mind drug when heated to high temp. Pardon the pun. Raw it is perhaps nature's most powerful anti-oxidant. Always said it is God's gift to man. Now we get to see how big pharma tries to bury this one.


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