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South Africa is not exactly brimming with aquaculture suppliers and getting hold of fish for aquaponics could be a momentous event.  If you have had good (or BAD) experiences with a specific species, supplier or regulatory body, feel free to populate this discussion. 


As an environmental scientist, I have spent many months investigating different fish options, current environmental legislation and the much anticipated biodiversity maps that will ultimate dictate which fish could be traded and kept in different parts of the country.  I'm sure hybrid or Nile tilapia is high on the wish list of many people that have researched international examples.  With little info on when the legislation will be finalised, much of what I would like to apply for is in limbo and I am now working with koi and Mozambique tilapia.

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I have purchased some coulour variation (not the same thing as a hybrid, thus legal here) Mozambique tilapia from a Port Elizabeth supplier.  They range in colour from close to native through to almost white.  I bought 40, of which 38 are still alive.  I believe that with a bit of refinement, the strain can do well.  I have a couple of fish that have grown beautifully, and I would like to keep them as future stock.  Others though, are really small still.  I have heard about stock refinement and inbreeding issues from many sources, and believe that we are going to be hampered by this until some really clued up folk get into the arena and start improving the broodstock.


Any one out there with knowledge of such projects?  As far as my understanding goes (comments made by Ex Rhodes University person) the colour variation stock traces back to one small population at Rhodes some 20 or 30 years ago with stock perpetuation rather than refinement being the natural order of things.  Am I correct?


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