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Folks, I would like to see if there is any interest  in having a monthly or quarterly group meetings. I am thinking of meeting at a public restaurant for a dinner  like Apple bees and rotate the meeting to different areas, so the commute is evened out.

I don't mind setting up the meetings, and I hope everyone can contribute something to each meeting.

Let me know what you guys think, and then we can bounce around ideas,



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That sounds like a great idea. I would be interested.

--Anne Gonzales

Thanks for taking the initiative Alan.  I'm in, whether it's at a restaurant or at someone's home/AP setup.


Paul,  I think touring a private AP setup  is a great Saturday/Sunday idea. A lot of people don't have the room or want to host a lunch/dinner at there house, but I hope most would be open to host a tour of their system.  I am sure we are all proud of what we have set up, and want to show it off.

Also  on another note if anyone wants to suggest a logo for the group, I will check into getting it printed on some tee shirts and other items the group wants.

Open to opportunity.

Rochelle Rene'

I like the idea Alan. I'm interested.

Thanks guys, I will put you on the list.

I am up for a meeting.  I would like to meet some other folks and see some other systems.



Put me on your list, too, Alan. No promises, but I'll make it if I can. And I can bring fish, rafts, or any other hard to get supplies for you folks if you let me know ahead of time. 

We would also be interested in a get together. Our setup has gone dormant with temp in the pond down to 36 last night, but the fish are living but not eating.

Hey jon, if this happens and you come i would like to pick up some more fish,we'll talk when things start rolling :P

Just thru up a couple pictures on my blog . I went on a farm tour Saturday Jan 5. Pretty sweet operation. -

More on my facebook page.


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