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So It is the slow season for growing in florida. How about planing a one day tour to a few of our sites in Central Florida. We could go to Morningstar, my place and some others in the general central florida area.  Maybe a Caravan.  Up to a few hours at a couple of locations.  Maybe a couple of meals together.  I could accommodate a Dozen or more and a meal here.  Chime in what do you guys think? 

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Count me in. Would love to carpool with someone. I am in PB County. Looks like carpooling would make sense with anyone SE all the way up to S side of Orlando.
The trip is a good idea though, I couldn't make an all day trip, I would like to visit Morningstar and the stop in Inverness We live in Crystal River and we're flexible as to dates and times, but I have responsibilities that keep me from being gone for an entire day.

I spoke to Gina today and they are willing join in the tour. All we have to do now is to decide the exact date. 24th or 25th.
either works for me, no preference
At this point in time I'm ok with either.
I have no objection to kids but they might be pretty board since most of them are more interested in the animals (which are often hard to see in the fish tanks) and they care little for plumbing and flow discussions.
Kids are fine at my house. We will be sitting on the pool deck when we eat lunch. the kids can watch TV if you want them to. Or just hang with us.

christopher john muns said:
i want to go. i'm free for the whole summer.... and then some. can i bring my bratty kids? 24 th or 25th works for us.
I will recommend closed shoes or boots for around my place since sandals/thongs/bare feet tend to get bit by ants here. Naked foot flesh will be at your own risk. I don't spray chemicals around my garden, not even to control ants.
Is Morningstar open on Sundays....?
I'd like to see everyone's AP' I'd like enough time at Morningstar, to check out their setup and maybe buy some tilapia.
If folks are getting fry/fingerlings from may be tough to deal with 'that', after a long day of having fun.Especially for us, that live further away.
Might just be my temperment and the fact, I'm practicing to be old and
Tonya and I would love to be on the tour. Our place isn't set up too well for a meal, but it looks like you have us planned for mid afternoon anyway. Our commecial system is still delayed by the freight company. They arrived yet one more time damaged and now the different freight company is taking 10 days to get the rafters to us from Iowa. Crazy! Due to the delays, I am not sure how far along the commercial system will be by the 24th or 25th, but the microsystem will be operational. Either day is good for us.
Block out Dates - None
I spoke with Hans from Morningstar Fisherman. We are welcome on the 25th. So we will have to stick to the schedule tightly.
Arriving at Morning Star at 3 pm. This will give folks plenty of time to get a tour and for those who want fish to have them ready for transport home. All you need is a cooler with an aeration. They will give you the fish and tank water. Also a good way to get some bacteria.
So lets get a head count. You can meet us on the tour at any of our scheduled stops.

Morning Star Fishermen email
Morning Star Fishermen
33336 Old Saint Joe Road
Dade City, Florida 33525
Phone/Fax (352)523-2722
Michael, this is 'still' the sechedule...?
Just making sure...'Thanks'... :-)

Michael Cosmo said:
Possible Travel itinerary.

TCLynx 9 - 10
Travel (1:15)

Cosmo - 11:30 - 1 Luch
Travel (34mins)

Possibly Gina & Tonya (I haven't asked yet) - 1:30 - 2:30
Travel (26 mins)

Morningstar 3 pm to 5 pm
Total 2.17 Distance 95 miles


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