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So It is the slow season for growing in florida. How about planing a one day tour to a few of our sites in Central Florida. We could go to Morningstar, my place and some others in the general central florida area.  Maybe a Caravan.  Up to a few hours at a couple of locations.  Maybe a couple of meals together.  I could accommodate a Dozen or more and a meal here.  Chime in what do you guys think? 

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     I'm sure many people would be willing to have it happen.  Problem is this year, all the people most likely to organize it are way too busy with other things.  However, if some one steps up to organize it.  I could perhaps happen.

I know I'm way to busy to do the organizing this summer but I could probably host a stop at my place though beginning of August is a hot time to tour around FL.

I can help organize.  Wasn't the first one on July 24th, 2010?  I can do August 4th.  I'll be traveling a lot this summer, so my time frame to make a tour myself is limited, but I'be got plenty of time to organize.

Hello Joshua,

Summer is really a very bad is too hot, not much is growing and lots of holiday / family commitments. A much better time is mid - late Oct or early Nov....and then again in around March time.

Just my opinion.

God bless,

Yea, here in FL Sept and Oct are the prime warm fall growing season and Nov-March are really good for cooler weather crops and then April-May are again warm spring growing season.  June, July, August are just HOT and only certain things grow well then.

I don't remember exactly when the first tour actually happened and then the next year I think it might have been earlier.

September is probably out with the conference and trainings going on all over the place.

I agree - summer is not a good time. Crops are minimal - I know I'm using this time of year to do system maintenance in anticipation of planting next month. I too would suggest October/November.

We also seem to always hit the same places too - TCLynx, Sahib, Cosmo, Green Acres.. Those folks are great and should always be included but maybe it is time for a change up? Maybe another area of the state or hit things that benefit us beyond the literal garden - fish farms, manufactures like Vertigro, supply companies, etc..  Another option is include some more "routine" backyard operations too. TC, Cosmo and gina's are all grab but how many folks are able to sink $10,000+ into their garden? What can be done with a thousand?

or maybe do a virtual tour with some cell phone videos and a chat program.

Just some ideas to toss out there for consideration.

Agreed.  Summer is way too hot for tours.  This is our down time too and once we get past the heat of July/August, September is just a crazy month for many of us with the conference, so I vote for early to mid October.  Ron's suggestions are great, however I don't think we should be eliminating those that may want to be on the tour just because they have been on it before!  TC's in a completely new place, we have more than doubled our size, and Sahib keeps expanding so people would certainly not be seeing the same thing as before.  Maybe there could be options where people can elect for themselves which places they would like to see.  Also keeping in mind this is the Central Florida tour, so if someone wants to organize a different area that would be great.  There can be South, North, etc!  

Alright, October it is.  Saturdays are the 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th.  I have no real preference, although the 13th might be a little better for my schedule.

Looks like you may have missed the cue to step back Joshua, Sounds like you are gonna be organizing this year.

Sounds like a plan Joshua!  Thanks for stepping up to organize it!  ;-)  My vote is for the 13th too.  

If you want to add some new places to the Florida Aquaponics tour, there are two locations in Brevard County, only a few miles apart.  My system includes a raft style grow area with 544 sf feet that is completely outdoors and has been up and running for more than a year.  Also, there is a beautiful media style garden only a few miles away that is definitely worth the trip.  Also, both locations include wicking beds with vermiculture, fruit and spice trees, and more.

If you want to see some variety, please let me know the scheduling ideas and I would be happy to open up my yard as well as coordinate with my aquaponics friends nearby.

OK, I'm back, and it looks like I'm going to be here all month, so I can help organize an October tour. 

One slight problem...I don't know y'all!  ;)  

Post here if you want to be on the tour, or have info of someone who might want to be.  Please be respectful of posting emails, phone numbers, and especially addresses in this forum.  PM's are preferred.

Lots of the people are members on here so you could always just nominate them by giving their username or link to their member page and then Joshua can friend them and send a PM to see if they are interested.

My farm is available as a tour stop and we happen to be near the Yalaha Bakery which could be a fine place for lunch on the right days.


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