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A few of us have been discussing this idea under the "heating tanks in So Cal" thread.  I thought I would put it out there.  There are a few of us with aquaponic systems in the vicinity of northern San Diego County.  I am hoping to put this on the calendar soon.  It would most likely be a Saturday.  I'm leaning toward the end of the month so it can be well established.  I'm happy to coordinate it.  If you have a garden in the area or just want to see the others, please send me your e-mail.  I don't want to post phone numbers for the world to see.

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     Thanks for taking this on. I'm in Vista and have been corresponding with Frydaze about this event. From the posts I've seen it looks like it's a bit tough orchestrating it. July is a difficult month for me as well. Birthdays, work stuff and whatnot are piling up quick. Is there a chance we could all meet somewhere that works for all for the first time and go from there? Then we can: meet, greet, brag, talk story, whatever and plan from there??  That way each person would only have to commit to a couple of hours and we wouldn't be posting all the #'s and addresses here. Take care, be well and look forward to hearing from you...


Paul that sounds great.  Can you email me your contact info at

Okay, the date for the aquaponic Tour is Saturday August 27.  Can you let me know if you can participate and/or show off a system you have.  You can e-mail me or call me.  I would like to start early, around 9am.  Maybe we can have lunch together.  We can plan that once we map out who's systems we'll visit.  If you know anybody else in the vicinity of San Diego County that would like to participate, please bring them into the loop.

I look forward to meeting with all of you,


I have lunch plans out in LA that day, but I'm sure you'll all plan another tour in the next few months and I hope to join that one!

How did this event work out ? Do you plan on organizing other ? 

Eden AquaPonics in Vista has an operating aquaponics farm, demonstrating media bed, NFT (horizontal and vertical), and raft systems. We do tours by appointment, and would love to show all who are interested our systems. Just give us a call, an email, or visit our website:


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