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Do you use a green house or grow out in the open?

If you don't use a green house do you use any sort of shading device ?

What plants should I avoid growing in the direct sunlight of a hot phx metro sunlight here in Arizona ?

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I came from Tucson and Glendale and now live in Northern California so I know what Arizona is like. 

Chico, CA is nearly as hot (105 to 110 is not unusual), but not hot for as many days in a row.

A week or two ago I posted a summary of my systems energy use on my blog.

I hope you find the information useful

I am currently building an outdoor IBC system which will not have any temperature control or supplemental lighting.

This outdoor system will have a buried sump tank.  The fish tank and grow beds will be insulated.  The fish tank will be shaded, but the grow beds will be in the direct sun.

As the Summer season progresses I will post what I learn.

A number of people use awnings with 50% shade screening.

My whole garden is shaded all summer with a green shade cloth I buy from Home Depot. I only have problems when the roots can't find water.

To combat the extreme heat I am trying something new, Im in the process of building a coolhouse in between a house and a mountain with the other two sides covered in plastic. I also want to learn all about lighting my new location. Some people in this group use greenhouses and evap coolers but then again I have seen some setups in direct sun and heat, experiment.

@David Schwinghamer

I also want to learn all about lighting my new location

Here's what I know

I have always been curious about the use of green house in az . I find myself returning to harbor frieghts website and constantly debating on weather or not to buy their 10x12x8 green house and a portable evap to cool it .. Anyone using one?


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