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Is there anyone in the valley that sells their red wigglers?  I did find a fair price online but definitely would rather support locally and we are willing to travel.  :)  Let me know!!

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I'm looking to pick up a few as well.   I don't think I need thousands, just a handful to get wiggling in the grow bed.

We will be once I get a better handle on raising them. That won't help you though.

We got ours at a hydro store in Phoenix. I'll have to check with Bob to see if he remembers the name. I think they guy working there raises them. I'll be back...

It was GroLots, near Metro Center. You can call them first. (602) 997-2922     
I think Home Grown Hydro will order them in for you, but that doesn't help if you want to buy locally.

This is a subject of much discussion on the Permaculture site, there are a lot of people selling them.  Check out these discussion:

HomeGrown Hydro orders them from TipTop (I think they are in CA), delivery is on Tuesdays each week.  Sea of Green Hydroponics (some locations, so call first) have them from Canyonland Worms (a local business).  Same for me Sheri...I grow them too but I don't have enough to sell as yet....

Also, when you buy them, you typically get worms and egg casings which look like little seeds.  Don't throw the egg casings away...start a worm bin with coco coir (hydrated, but not sopping wet), and throw in some banana peels and coffee grounds (actually bury them and cover well with the coco).  I keep a 2 quart jug of water off-gasing by the bin, and I 'water' them every so often, just don't over-do it.  My bin is a storage bin with holes drilled in the bottom, top and upper sides (at different levels for good airflow), the bin is in my pantry and sits elevated on bricks in a concrete mixing bin.  I've had it for years, doesn't smell at all, they are a very easy pet, I feed them in rotation, a 6" square at a time, when I remember to which is about every 3-4 weeks, they seem to tolerate my forgetfullness.  In the springtime you'll get some fruit flies in the house, but it's not too overwhelming.  

Called grolots, they do not have any red worms.  The person they bought them from is now at the farmers market Roadrunner, Location: N. E. Phoenix near Paradise Valley, 3502 E Cactus Rd, Phoenix AZ 85032

We have ours in the kitchen and Chris is right, if you do it right, it's low maintenance and it doesn't smell.

Ours is made out of two buckets. The inner worm bucket has holes drilled in it for aeration, and holes in the bottom just in case there's too much moisture. This allows the excess liquids to drip into the bottom bucket. Ideally it should be moist, but not so moist that it drips. I try to balance the scraps to keep the moisture right. I also lay a layer of shredded newspaper on top to deter fruit flies. Eventually the worms will eat that, too. I check their food & moisture about every week & harvest compost & worms every 2-3 months. 

The worm compost is an amazing fertilizer and worm tea is a great pest repellent and fertilizer.

Geez thanks!!!  You guys are so informative.  I was hoping one of us was selling them so I could be supportive.  I can definitely run to the farmer's market this weekend. 

Yeah Sheri, we had a discussion on it so I revisited it so I can make sure I do it right.  I have it small enough to go in one of my kitchen cabinets on our island so we can dispose our vegetable scraps.  And then of course I'd like to try a few in my grow bed.  Of course there will be pics as soon as I get it done.  There were ideas on the last discussion that will help me make more than just one. 

I will mention that I finally have my first main breeder colony tanked together.  Hopefully they won't kill each other, they've been at it all day!

did you end up getting some from any of the local VPA growers? that's my plan

Sheri GroLots number 602 997-2922 Not in service

Sheri Schmeckpeper said:

It was GroLots, near Metro Center. You can call them first. (602) 997-2922     
I think Home Grown Hydro will order them in for you, but that doesn't help if you want to buy locally.


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