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Dear Friends.


Today I got a mail and when opened it, the message struck me on thinking ways to implement it into AP system if possible. I would like your review on this.


Awaiting your response....


Thanking You,




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I will wait for it to come on the market.... It doesn't add up for me. Why would they say in the video they are applying for an international patent and will be producing them in about a year for 5k, while at the same time selling plans so you can build one your self for 50$ I would say this is a scam site possibly taking advantage of someone's legitimate work. If you click the affiliate tab at the bottom it offers a 75% commission if you direct a sale to their site. So now that 50$ is $12.50 profit for the "inventors".
Harold you have mad search skills on the web. Search guru.

Hi David,

Actually i researched this some time ago and found it too good to be true myself. Between the title of mad,search skills and guru, my friends usually foster the title "Mad" upon me, but I never had the "guru" before !!!

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