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Hi folks,

Sorry I haven't been very active here lately as I have been traveling around China in search of non GMO grains. Earlier this year, I took on a new partner that is interested in setting up a new kind of business, selling "fresh rice".

Basically what we did was locate a small, isolated village that has grown their "heirloom" rice for several hundred years. They are not government certified as organic but I can vouch for their method. Everything is carried in and out by mule or donkey which has kept them from trying new seeds (hybrids) and chemicals (commercial farming). I hope to continue this search and provide a way for these farms and villages to prosper and continue to supply wholesome, sustainable foods.

*Let me make this clear: This is for human consumption, not to make fish feed. I do not suggest using any grain for feed no matter if it is organic or not. My feed will be (when research is complete), made from sustainable organic materials without any grain.

How many of you are interested in/ want/ need non GMO grains? Any interest in being my agent stateside?

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Hi Carey,

You should check out Patricks' group Organic/Natural Fish Feed.  He is working on that issue here in the US. Perhaps you two could start a conversation.

Yes interested in NON GMO anything and everything.  Not sure I'm interested enough to get into the business of importing though.

Do you need a rice paddy to grow rice?

@ TC I understand. Maybe we can find someone with a bit of time to contact some "Organic" or health food stores? I would really like to help preserve the few non contaminated genes pools left on this little blue marble.

@ George:

No. Rice can be grown in a modified NFT system.

Now we might be able to figure something out if you were able to sell some seed for growing to perhaps help keep some of these strains alive as heirlooms.

@ TC

That's not exactly what I had in mind but for the sake of preservation, I think I may be able provide some seed to trustworthy organization like Seed Savers. Unfortunately that doesn't help these peasants nor myself financially speaking.

I under stand that.  Unfortunately the organization I have handy that might  be interested in Non GMO is also primarily interested in local food so I don't see them importing from China either.

I'll keep my eyes open for other opportunities though.

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