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I announced today that I'm writing a book for New Society Publisher called "Aquaponic Gardening: A Step By Step Guide to Growing Vegetables and Fish Together".  Things I've learned about aquaponics from this community will be featured all over the book, but I especially want to represent the emotional connection that so many of us have with aquaponics by starting each chapter with a quote from someone in here about what aquaponics means to them.


PLEASE help me out by adding to this discussion below.  (and by adding your comment to this particular thread know that it will be quoted for posterity )


Thanks, everyone!

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In the World, as in Aquaponics,  Innovation=Opportunity, not only Economically, but Socially and Environmentally as well. The excitement for me is the opportunity to be a part of establishing these Innovations and to help create truly sustainable and regenerative growing systems for future generations.

Good Luck with your book Sylvia!

Aquaponics is a natural way to grow food. It is a "way of life" that should be followed by one and all to help eliminate hunger by growing food for oneself and the community, without the use of harmful pesticides and  herbicides, while using the least amount of resources there by leaving the smallest carbon footprint. 

Aquaponics represents freedom. Freedom from pesticides, genetically engineered foods, and big businesses. Freedom from the soul crushing grind I see my friends, and family succumbing to after years working jobs that do little to help them intrinsically let alone the Earth as a whole.


Aquaponics is sustainable, and with sustainability comes infinite possibility. There's no reason people should be hungry anywhere in the world, and I believe that by educating people about aquaponics we are helping to bring about and end to world hunger. It's simply a matter of time.... and money.

These continue to be wonderful...and so appreciated!!  Keep 'em coming...

I see aquaponics as a technology that offers sources of fresh fish and organically produced vegetables, giving every consumer an opportunity to become a producer.  As a Chef, this offers a whole new level to seasonal variety, produced without hidden transportation or fertilizer costs.  The only additive to the system is the fish food, which pays back with both vegetable and seafood.  With a well designed home system, there is a deep level of satisfaction with seeing the ecosystem in excellent balance, with a minimum of work, and having something way cooler than a TV in the living room.  In a well designed commercial system, one has a well researched business model, which has demonstrated profitability in numerous references and in on the cusp of mainstream acceptance.  Hydroponics is clever, Aquaponics is smart.  It is quickly growing worldwide and establishing itself as a safe food source when managed responsibly, for a village, a restaurant, or a living room, aquaponics is an excellent food production method. 

As a backyard AP'er aquaponics brought out the creative element in me and gave me a great sense of accomplishment, something i was searching for all my life and never found. The second thing it's done for me is to bring me in contact with a people whose generous spirit I have found nowhere else. At this moment it's an enjoyable hobby for me but i never discount the deadly seriousness underlying the implications this type of agriculture for our future. In the next 26 years the population on earth will be 14 billion, more than double the present 6.5 billion. The same amount of fresh water that existed in the beginning is the same amount existing now. Water will become a scarce commodity as it already is in some countries and many of us will live to experience this. When that time comes(Tomorrow) Aquaponics will no longer be a mere hobby in this world, but instead, a necessity for our very survival!

To me Aquaponics is the new victory garden. Why do I call this a Victory Garden? Well it’s a win -win for everything involved. The new victory garden is made from an orphaned IBC tote. Next question what is an IBC tote? An IBC tote is used to haul liquid products for the food industry; these totes are used to haul other liquid products like chemicals. But the only totes I  use or you should use have had food grade products and made from food grade plastic. Why do I call them orphans, well the food industry no longer needed or wanted them so they were on the way  to a land fill;  unfortunately they are made from plastic and will not break down in the environment .  Now you are wondering where the victory comes in, well I take these orphaned containers and make an Aquaponic garden. I know, what is that? Well its taking two, not so great for the environment practices aquaculture and Hydroponic vegetable production and uniting them. With this union you get a very efficient growing system.  The fish create waste with every breath in the form of ammonia, this ammonia is toxic for the fish but Mother Nature made bacteria that just loves ammonia so every time it appears so does the bacteria. They convert this ammonia waste into nitrite, well low and behold Mother Nature steps in again with another bacteria. This second bacteria  shows up every time nitrite appears , this bacteria converts the waste  into nitrate which is not as harmful to the fish but makes plants grow like they are on steroids. This is where the victory garden comes into play, I take an unwanted tote destined to go to a land fill somewhere and make it into one of the most sustainable gardening methods around. We put fish in the bottom, have a small pump that pumps the water into the top, this is where the bacteria comes into play; the bacteria convert this waste water into the most efficient fertilizer you will find. You end up with a garden that consumes less power than a 60 watt light bulb, yet your plants will grow 3 to 4 times faster than in a soil garden and use one tenth of the water as a soil garden.  Now you know why I call it “the victory garden “everyone wins. The totes are kept out of the land fill; you raise naturally organic vegetables and fish for you, and your family. You will use less water and no chemical fertilizer.  Now I know what you’re thinking, if this is so easy and wonderful why isn’t everybody doing it! Good question when you have the answer Email me at:

Now let’s save the world one back yard at a time!

Aquaponics to me is hope and hope is what keeps us all going...

Sylvia, many congratulations on your book!  I am sure it will be a wonderful addition to the Aquaponics literary world.


To me Aquaponics is simply the answer.  As humankind ages, it faces its greatest challenge in securing the one most essential element, food.  Without it, humankind will cease to exist.  Aquaponics is the solution for the ever growing lack of available natural resources necessary to sustain life.

It's solar powered nanotechnology that produces fresh vegetables and meat, while purifying water. This makes it at once the coolest, most mind-expanding, and most IMPORTANT activity I have undertaken in the half-century I have been alive...
Aquaponics gives my family an organic counter agent to the damage done to our health in the past - both by industrial production methods and genetics. It gives balance to body , mind, and soul.
What does AP mean to me? It means Freedom! Freedom to grow foods for my family that I know aren't full of GMO contents - like Human Cytomegalovirus (Cancer Virus), Simian Virus 40 (Green Monkey Cancer Virus), Ocean Pout Anti-Freeze, and the list goes on and on. I like the idea of food that is not irradiated, shot with hormones, drugs, steroids, etc. The FDA gives me all of these horrible things and more, saying that it's somehow better for me. Being on Social security, AP gives me the ability to cut my grocery bills and have good, home-grown food at the same time.  AP - Food and Fish at your doorstep!  That's why AP means Freedom to me!

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