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Anyone have any experience using native freshwater drum in aquaponics?  They have wide natural range in No. America from Gulf to Great Lakes.  Might do better in lower temperature water conditions?  Anyone have any thoughts or experience with this species?

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Bill I would go for it if it was available. It would be a hoot to be able to grow them. Very good eating fish. Keep us posted.
I see no reason not to. They can easily stand low oxy water as well as hot water. When cleaning watch for small bones.
I kept a drum in a 125 tank and it did not fare well nervious and beat it self up bumping into things
Was there any "habitat" in the tank for it?  Rocks, branches, etc.?
yes   but a lot going one with 3 redfish and a few outher hyper active fishes.  I think drum would work though
I am thinking of two tanks... one with tilapia and one with drum to see which works best for my locale.

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