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Hi guys, 

I need to buy a new timer for my system. I've been looking around and can't seem to find one that is both reliable and has the amount of settings I need. 

Does anybody have any recommendations out there on a good timer that can run a 15/45 cycle? 



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That was a sexy timer, Vlad. I've got it saved as my desktop background.

Phil, avoid digital timers, and pay the extra for quality. I have had numerous timer failures from cheap Hdepot types. Hydro stores will sell reasonable priced quality units. Hydro customers, BTW, have more at stake than fish and veggies when one fails, so ask the least-stoned clerk for advice.

Intermatic is one of the leading " Timer " manufactures. I would take a look at their product line. I would bet that they have a timer to fit your needs. I have several and the have never stopped working. Many of their designs are used in Hydroponics systems and have settings for every five minuets for a twenty-four hour clock.

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