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I was reading another post about Tilapia Fry being eaten by other fish.  Being very new to this I am assuming that when I purchase fish I will receive both female and male. And then assuming again that at some time they will breed,

So my question is: Should I put some structure in my pond that would all them to hide?  This would also give some of the smaller fish something to play in, Yeah I know everyone says the fish don't need to play.

Just curious.

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Well, yes, you can put something in there for fingerlings to hide in. But if you consider the incredible rate at which tilapia reproduce....Well, you may find yourself grateful to have a few babies eaten here and there. Some people actually recommend using a predator fish to cull the numbers so you don't overwhelm your system.

Wow, the things I am learning.

I have a 300 gallon IBC with 1 male and 4 female Tilapia. They recently provided me with about 300 fry. When the female stops eating she's carrying eggs in her mouth. You need to take her out of the pond and put her in a 30 gallon tote with air stone and filter. Within a few days you'll have all the fry you need. In a few more days separate her from the fry and put her back in the pond. I've had my fish for about 7 months and I found about 25 fingerlings in my big tank a few days ago. Can't imagine how many thousand didn't make it.

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