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My tilapia are about 5 or 6 inches long, having been put in the tank in late October. I have started feeding them black soldier fly larvae and they aren't at all interested. I have to fish the dead larvae out after a day. Are they too young to eat them? Anyone else have this problem? 

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I know nothing about BSF but I always read that Tilapia love duckweed so I grew duckweed. Turns out they love the food I feed them more so I put the duckweed in first and give them food after they eat the duckweed. When they get hungry enough they'll eat the BSF or anything else.

Good idea. I'm going to try that. Thanks. 

Withhold fish food and see if that makes a difference.

When you feed your fish a certain type of food they get used to it and find it strange to see something ells in the tank. What I dit with worms is i cut them open with 'n knife and feed it then. Soon as they taste the Jummy inside they started eating the worms.

Why would cutting them open make a difference? Would you do the same to black soldier fly larvae? 

Believe me, they'll eat BSFL.  No cutting open necessary.

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