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So It is the slow season for growing in florida. How about planing a one day tour to a few of our sites in Central Florida. We could go to Morningstar, my place and some others in the general central florida area.  Maybe a Caravan.  Up to a few hours at a couple of locations.  Maybe a couple of meals together.  I could accommodate a Dozen or more and a meal here.  Chime in what do you guys think? 

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Thanks TC, we are signed up and plan on visiting with you and really looking forward to it. We would also like to encourage people to visit with us too. It's really nice to get input on what you are doing from a different perspective. So... if any one is planning on a trip into town please feel free to contact us.

TCLynx said:

Well, Many of us are happy to show people around when we can Robert so check out the member map and ask to come for a visit.


And there will be another chance for group tours coming up in September as the Aquaponics Conference will have tours around several aquaponics systems again.  Here is the link to the conference web site featured farms tour page


Fear not - it seems to be an annual event.
Well next time (outside of the conference) you have a tour sign me up for that. I'm very interested.
Watch the Florida group, tends to happen in spring the past two years

Next time a Central FL Tour is organized, I'm interested in attending. I've transferred to Central Florida and would love to see different AP systems.

Hay there Cajun, where in Central FL?

I don't know when the next tour will be but we often do it in the spring.  If you are near Mount Dora, let me know since ya don't have to wait for a special "tour" to visit.

Near Tampa area. Not too far from Mount Dora :-)

TCLynx said:

Hay there Cajun, where in Central FL?

I don't know when the next tour will be but we often do it in the spring.  If you are near Mount Dora, let me know since ya don't have to wait for a special "tour" to visit.

I'd be very interested in this as well.

Side note, do we have a list of Central Florida resources for aquaponics?  It would be nice to know where people are finding useful items.



Fish food, go to the purina site and look for purina dealers close to you then call them up and ask if they can get a bag of your chosen Aquamax feed on the next truck and how much it will cost you.  (this won't work with tractor supply though as they have central warehousing and won't special order feed even through they are a purina dealer now.)

Stock tanks, Tractor supply

Cattle panels, Tractor supply

Plumbing, you will probably get to know your local big box store well and they are the easiest place to go when you are trying to figure out what type of plumbing parts will fit together for you.  Then once you know what you need, you might find a plumbing/irrigation supply place near you and set up an account with them to get large quantities of the standard items.  but they won't carry everything.

Some items you may find cheaper by mail ordering from the internet.

Aquatic Eco Systems has some really good prices on some things while other things are way over priced.  They are a good place to get pumps though if you are interested in one of the models they carry.

Down in Brooksville there is Green Acres Organics and they sell some things and here in Mount Dora there is Aquaponic Lynx selling Zipgrow towers and uniseals and capillary matting and some other things (shameless plug for me.)

Over on the east coast you have Backwater Provisions and they have beautiful fiberglass systems and components for sale if you want something local and Very attractive for a picky neighborhood.

Be aware - the fish feed (Aquamax) comes in 50lb bags (I pay about $30). That is a huge amount of feed if you don't have a big system. You may want to see if there is anyone near you that can split a bag. Cosmo and I split ours to help keep the feed fresh. If you have any raccoons around, don't store it outside as they love the stuff and will open a garbage can or roughtote to get at it.

Amazon has been surprising useful for pumps and stuff too. 

Oh, and if you are doing a small system and 5 or 10 lb of feed would be more appropriate, then Aquatic Eco Systems has feed in smaller quantities.

Fish feed doesn't keep very well so if you don't think you can use up 50 lb in less than 4-6 months, definitely get smaller bags or find some one to split a bag with you.  Feed that has gone bad is really really bad and can kill fish.

How about doing this again, this year?  I'd be available in the beginning of August.


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