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So, I hate fish. Well, eating them anyways. So I had to find something that I like to eat. In comes Mr. Red Claw Crayfish <--click link. Vegeterian, non territorial, prolific breeder, gets to 1.25 pounds. Sounds good to me! So I went in search of the elusive Red Claw. There were only a few people that carry them 2 here in California and one I found in Florida. The one in Florida is the only one that bothered returning my call and answering my E-mails. So they get my business. The place is called Stick Fins Fish Farm <--click link. I ordered them last week they shipped yesterday via USPS Express Mail and arrived alive and happy 11 A.M. at my doorstep. I highly recommend Stick Fins!



Here are some pics:

I love presents!

 Arrived packaged well. Styrofoam box, care sheet, heat packs, double bagged with ammonia reducer pellets.



In a quarantine tank til spring

This is a "small breeder".

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Hey Chi, what are you feeding these big guys? And how often?

Right now they get whatever the fish are eating . I don't feed them specifically.

I throw cuttings and trimmings in the water from the greens.


I'm feeding the fish Spirulina Sticks right now. A lil pricey but its ok. These are brood stock anyhow. So they need to grow nice and strong.

What type of adhesive did you use for the pvc condos?
I used gorrila glue.
And that was safe to put in the water after it cured. Good to know
The crayfish site (Sticks and Fins) lists small breeders and large breeders.  What is the difference between them?  Is this just their physical size when purchased, or does it also affect their size when fully grown?  My brother and I plan on buying some soon but it might be nice to know what the differences are.  If we ever win the lottery we would buy his entire site.
Physical size. The bigger the more likely their offspring will be big I believe. Member Scott Lemonds works with Stick Fins. Drop him a message.

Are you certain that is 2.5 inch pipe?  If so, they are a lot bigger than I expected.  Man, they look tasty too.


They get quite big.


George J. Thurmon said:

Are you certain that is 2.5 inch pipe?  If so, they are a lot bigger than I expected.  Man, they look tasty too.


Hey Chi, have you ever had any issues with them trying to escape the tank?  I think i read somewhere that they might try to escape if there is no lid on the tank.  I was just wondering, because i have 2 60 gallon stock tanks that are only about 15" high, and i was wondering if they might get out of those if i dont have a lid.
AJ. I put my juveniles in a 55 gallon 24" tall fish tank and so far 6 have gotten out. But there is a lot to climb. They turn into escape artists at night

@Chi do you add calcium supplements for them?

@AJ I haven't had any problems with climbers yet. Now if I didn't have any condos for them I'd assume they'd look for places to escape each other.


@LogicalHydro I've been feeding them fortified alfalfa pellets and Spirulina sticks. The fish eat both.

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