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So, I hate fish. Well, eating them anyways. So I had to find something that I like to eat. In comes Mr. Red Claw Crayfish <--click link. Vegeterian, non territorial, prolific breeder, gets to 1.25 pounds. Sounds good to me! So I went in search of the elusive Red Claw. There were only a few people that carry them 2 here in California and one I found in Florida. The one in Florida is the only one that bothered returning my call and answering my E-mails. So they get my business. The place is called Stick Fins Fish Farm <--click link. I ordered them last week they shipped yesterday via USPS Express Mail and arrived alive and happy 11 A.M. at my doorstep. I highly recommend Stick Fins!



Here are some pics:

I love presents!

 Arrived packaged well. Styrofoam box, care sheet, heat packs, double bagged with ammonia reducer pellets.



In a quarantine tank til spring

This is a "small breeder".

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That's what I had heard but for the price I took a chance. Thanks for the link.
Anyone know how cold the water can get for redclaw? I know the optimal temps for breeding, etc, but I live in the Frozen North, and am wondering if they'd even survive in a minimally-heated greenhouse (I'll have fish all winter, so will be keeping the water from freezing).

I had the water go down as low as 45 degrees for 2 weeks. These guys got very lethargic almost lifeless. My strategy is to grow them out from spring to fall. Babies  and a few breeders will get over wintered indoors. Rinse and repeat.


Well... it got over 100 degrees in my garage and I lost all the babies. Sonofabitch! 
Sorry to hear that man.Get back on that pony. :)
Oh no!  I'm sorry, Chi.

Do you need a permit in CA?


Not that I know of.

Conrad Chin-Yee said:

Do you need a permit in CA?


Gettin back on the pony.


Dear Chi,


I just found your wonderful story/experiment and thank you for the information.  I look forward as everyone else to how you are doing in the next chapter.  I am still in the 'thinking about it' stage of starting an aquaponics set up, so I thought I would look into crayfish/rice/other edible plants set ups (I know the Louisiana farmers do a rice pond/crayfish arrangement).  Thank you for all the incredible information you have provided.  Catherine.

Nice looking egg cluster how many days till hatch. I got a few craws in my tank but they keep climbing out they like to hold on to the air bubbler tubing

Chi Ma said:

Gettin back on the pony.


Hey Nick. Mine were doing that until I put lots of hiding places. They also like a bit of current so a powerhead will help.

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