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The stats:
Based on my calculations my growbed would weigh close to 1k lbs., and my DWC would also weigh about 1k lbs. when filled.
The fish tank will weigh 2k lbs. 20" tall

The goal:
I would like to keep 1/2 my FT under the grow beds to save room, and at minimal put my sump / MBF / particle separator under the GB's also to save room and make plumming easier.

The problem:
IDK how much weight wood + concrete blocks can support. Could I go with both halves of the IBC being pushed together then running both over 8" x 2" x 10' planks with concrete only on both ends?
Or should I only place the tanks on concrete blocks and can I only do it on the corners or should I also add wood to support this?

Note since I will be spiting the IBC in half the top half wont have the same support structure as the bottom half.

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blocks for height.  2x4s on their sides for framing to support the IBC.  make sure each IBC is supported with blocks under the framing...don't skimp out and try to support that much weight on a long span/beam.

wood pallets can be found for free and make sturdy frames on top of the cinder blocks.  the key is to distribute the weight of the IBC over as much area as possible.

try looking around at the photos of other people's IBC systems to see what others have done.

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