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I was thinking I wanted to do a NFT system but now after some research I am thinking about setting up a rafting system instead. It looks like the rafting systems are the ones commercial business is using so that is where I am heading. I need good resources of information on setting them up.

I really liked DIY aquaponics as it was comprehensive on system setup. Is Murray Hallam's Aquaponics Secrets as good on rafting systems or is it more of an intro to them?


I know only basic things about rafting so I need text books, DVD's that show system setup.


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Murrays secrets dont touch rafts so I think maybe friendlys is more along with what you want to do. There is a ton of info here in commercial aquaponics as well. My system is a hybrid of the two and I really like the gravel bed and raft combo.

Yea, I would definitely recommend getting one of Friendlies info packs if you really want to do raft aquaponics.  Murray's and Joel's stuff is all about media based aquaponics for the most part.


Here is a link to the Friendly Aquaponics site


And if you really think you want to go commercial, you should probably attend one of their commercial training classes, they hold them a couple times a year in Hawaii and Florida.

Thanks for the advice i will check them out now.

Friendly Aquaponics $995.00 for instructions and plans. I need something affordable.

Well as far as I know, no one here has written a book that will tell you all you need to know about raft aquaponics for $30 or less, let alone one that will not only teach you about the aquaponics side but also something about doing it commercially as a business. 


Now there is plenty of information about raft aquaponics that can be gleaned from the internet but you will have to do your own research to find it and put it all together and also sort through the different methods so you can actually understand the major differences between the high density UVI systems and the low density Friendlies style and how that all works. 


Now if you need to do this on a budget and you are definitely starting small for yourself while you learn and figure out if you can go larger, then you can probably get the instructions/plans for one of their micro systems at a lower price than the commercial system plans.  Such a thing would allow you to learn and help you in your research into more detail on the subject.

I may check out the micro system plans as $100 isn't that much. I am sure by the time I get done building the 128 foot system I will know a lot about raft systems.


Aquaponics food production by Nelson and Pade is pretty good start and has a raft section in the book.
Hi Chris, I started by using the friendly micro system and I'm moving toward the Family system (512sq ft) The commercial manual has also a lot of the details regarding the acquisition of an organic certification, the business start up details etc. which may or may not be relevant for you. I found that using the foundational data from the $99 manual, information and discussions on this site along with additional reading has given me significant confidence regarding my appreciation of aquaponics and particularly the DWC approach so I'm taking the plunge. I must add that a lot of Chris Smith's contributions are EXTREMELY helpful. Hope this helps.
I got the $50 digital download from Friendlies to build my tiny little system.  It was well worth the money.  I have learned a lot from this experimental system of mine.  I plan to buy their $300 Family system plans in the future for when I build my real system. 
i would definitely suggest the material from Friendly Aquaponics

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