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I would like everyone to tell us a bit about the pumps you have used and what you think of them.  Please post your reviews, I can't afford to buy that many pumps for testing so we should all share what we have tried.

(If anyone can review, from actual experience using the pump please, the Quiet One pumps, I'm interested to know what you think of them.)  (I'm also in search of a small low wattage pump that doesn't get clogged for use as backup aeration as an alternative to using air pump aeration.)

Some of the information I think we should include in our reviews
1-Brand/model of the pump
2-flow rate at some head height
4-size fittings
5-submersible or inline or both
6-Special feartures
7-How long you have been using the pump
8-What you think of it's performance.  (Does it get clogged too easily?  Is it really nice and quiet?  That sort of thing.)
9-Would you recommend it to others?  If so what situation?
10-If you have a picture of your pump handy please share it.

Not every pump is appropriate to every situation.

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Yeah, I've broken the shafts on both of mine, but it doesn't make any difference. What's worse is eventually mangling the plastic lid intake thing that screws in over the impeller...the one with the o-ring! Those three skinny tabs don't hold up well to a wrench! The new models have some teeth around the outside that supposedly give you better grip trying to open it by hand, but over time it'll take more strength than I have to do it that way. That whole locking mechanism cracked apart and now I'm holding it together with a bunch of zip ties!

1. Rio 1400

2. At 4 ft of head 243 gal/hour ( after 7 months running continuously I'm down to ~220)

3. 27 Watts

4. sized directly to 3/4" PVC

5. Submersible

6. --

7. 7 months

8. Never has clogged or jammed. Never has required cleaning. Runs fairly quiet

9. Would definitely recommend, very easy to use and is still on the cheap end as far as pumps go.

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