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I brought home my 75 gal aquarium for the system yesterday, I have a 50 gal tote for reservoir, and working on the  3' X8' growbed. I have a lot of other stuff to do but hope to have it together in a  month. I may order the tilapia in  few weeks, have other free tank space. I also have one Led light, on a 50 gal tank right now but bought it for the system, will be getting others for the grow bed.  The grow bed will be 15" deep, and titled towards the reservoir and drain into it. The 75 is drilled in the bottom and will drain to the deep end of the growbed. 

Slow but making progress. I hope to have some photos as it comes along.

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Thats tilted, not titled !!  Aargh !

Congratulations Yaacov. Will the beds be flood and drain? What type of media (if any) will you use? As for lighting I wouldn't worry too much about LEDs initially due to the cost. Florescent fixtures will work fine until you better understand where you're headed. I have a 100 gallon tank in my basement that grows great greens and seedlings for my greenhouse with just florescents.

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