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Would using pea gravel, peat moss, and perlite be ok for my small indoor aquaponics system. I am using. the flood and drain method.

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I'd imagine so, but I don't really like peat moss. It's not a sustainable material, plus its a highly acidic and inhibits bacterial growth. I've never used perlite.

Pea gravel is different in different places.  Take a handful of yours, wash it real good, then put it in a cup/bowl/whatever with some vinegar.  If it bubbles, then it will cause you problems (it'll raise your pH levels).  If it doesn't, then it should work fine for you.  I read that peat moss will be a problem as it breaks down.  I don't know about perlite, vaguely remember reading something that said it was ok, but I wouldn't trust that without other research.

Thanks that is pretty helpful what would you recommend using for the flood and drain method? Also how many lumens should my light have?

Sorry, I'm not going to be much help to you.  I'm just putting together my own first system now.  Just wanted to share the knowledge I found while researching. 

For the system I'm building, I am using a flood and drain method.  It was the first method I learned about, so it seemed like the right way to go.  :)  Considering possibly adding on a floating raft system later on to grow more lettuce type stuff (chard, kale, spinach, etc). Way down the line, I thought I might try to find a way to integrate a wicking bed system into the AP system to grow potatoes and peanuts (and carrots, depending on how they grow in the f&d media bed).

Mine is outside, so I don't need a light and haven't researched that at all.

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