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My City water is "off theChart". I have usedpH down to bring it within reason, but just noticed the pH down uses citric acid among other things. I have read somewhere not to use citric acid as it kills the bacteria - which could be one reason why I still don't have any nitrite reading, anoher could be the temperature is so low. Where can I get some acetic acid which I read was the best for lowering the pH?

I am not color blind, but I sure have a hard time telling what the readings are- not just for pH, but alll the tests.  Any other method of testing?



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Hannah makes test kits that give numerical readings.  As far as the acid we sell it on the shop attached to this site as well as the hannah test kits.

Hi David.  I highly recommend the BlueLab pH pen to get a digital pH reading.  And I hear you about the hydroponics pH Down product....that is why we started selling our AquaDown, which is safe for aquaponics and has no citric acid.  If you have fish in your system be sure to just lower your pH a couple of tenths of a point every few hours - rapid pH swings can cause real problems for your fish.

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