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Starting a window farm with some back up lighting using T5. Was thinking about buying an Inda-Gro induction lamp. Anyone have any experience growing with these? Growing mostly herbs and some fruits and veggies like strawberries and peppers. 

heres a link below if you haven't heard.  

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I've been thinking about the induction equipment for some time. Its pretty pricey for a small setup like mine. I just use 50w sunblaster fluorescents in quad array. I get great coverage and growth.

I agree about the price, but from what I can see I feel its almost worth it with its 10 year warranty and its 100,000 hours.

How small is your set up? No plans to go bigger ?

Im currently building a hybrid system (media/DWC) that will be mostly out doors but will bring in for the winter and I will need some good coverage. I also have another system Im working on that is in my apartment that is a vertical window garden with just a small 15 gal tank.

Hey, I'm still here. Had a stroke that kicked my butt for a couple of months. Anyway, the good result of that is I have been ordered by the doc to slow down some. So now I can now concentrate on my system. Its a hybrid media/ DWC with a 75 gal FT, 2 45gal grow beds and a 2*4ft DWC tank. Inside for winter and outside for summer. I am expanding this spring with a purpose built timber walled, hooped roof and lights. I have been interested in The Phillips product line of LEDS for horticulture for some time, and while a tad expensive, I believe that the growth rates associated with the dedicated light spectrums make it worthwhile the investment. Especially as my little community is interested in forming an association to promote food security and wants to invest in my current project to further year round production of leafy vegetables.

Here's a link to the Phillips site.

i heard induction grow light. and i use Riant induction grow light

Where were able to pick one up?

HI All.  We have both the Inda Gro Induction and Black Dog LED lights in our showroom and love them both.  They are well worth the money, IMO, because they are so nicely dialed into the PAR grow spectrum, and there is zero ongoing cost of bulb replacement.  

When you are shopping for LEDs (re:Phillips) beware of "low energy" lights that are primarily designed as supplemental lighting for greenhouses.  If you are trying to grow in a basement this isn't going to give you enough "oomph" to grow well.  The Black Dogs have an awesome spectrum, and 3 watts on each diode for intense lumens...along with a lifetime warranty.

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