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Hydroponics in Kingdom of saudi arabia RIYADH for starter need help

 plss need guide and expertise to build hydroponics in a 2000 square meter land in riyadh.. i know one member yusuf a kabayan has a exp in this matter... any one whos concern will be appreciated pls email us in



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hello there!  your reply got me all excited and worried.  first... i am no expert - i am a NEWBIE, learning just like most of us here.. to my opinion the experts are people like Sylvia, Murray and Affnan, and probably a lot here in the site which I fail to mention.  anyway, i am still, like i said earlier learning the ropes.  recently i got my ampalaya plants to fruit... plenty, but 1) they use up plenty of water 2) they love being in aquaponics syste... you have to seriously consider getting worms for your system.  check this site forum and other forums on aquaponics because in my case, i have a super mini systems in my small balcony.... with a space like that.. uwwwwww... you make me drool!!!!!!!! i am going bunkers imagining some nice fish tanks with hundreds of tilapia, pipes and pumps all around, airstones, feeding time, flowering plants, herbs, dwc, grow beds... my good Lord.... if i could just fly there and help you get started.. believe you me, i will.... or maybe yes so... i can come there one weekend!

thank sir for you very nice yet educative response..therefore i will stay connected to you, keep researching reading regarding this matter., and thank you also for gving me some name's in sha-ala  i will ask for their advice ok sir hope we meet soon in jeddah..

best regards and GODBLESS..

Oliver curious as to why hydroponic and not aquaponic. You will get way more help here is you choose aquaponics. That is the expertise of this forum. You might want to take some pics of your  future gardens location and the members here will give you some great tips on start up. The aquaponic community  as a whole really is gravitating away from hydroponics due to its not organic. Besides Saudis love fish.
hi oliver, its me again, i agree with @david waite,  aquaponics is better than hydroponics because you will not need to dispose the chemically treated water, instead, it will recirculate endlessly (but do need replinishment), anyway, in riyadh and a space like that, you may have to think about building a huge greenhouse to protect the plants from heat, it will be complex as you need to regulate temperature inside the enclosure to provide the plants with a really healthy environment, try to find also where you can get worms for vermicomposting as it will help the system, here in jeddah, until now i couldn't get hold of worms and water testing kits, but good luck and keep on researching, plenty of materials, i may send you some in the email too, things of i have already downloaded...
This sounds like a very interesting project. Can you please give us more detail. How sustainable do you want your system to be. How much automation? What you would like to grow. What are the natural conditions? How much of the system do you need to import? Is this for production or demonstration?

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