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How do you feel about the impending approval of AquaAdvantage Salmon?

The U.S. government just got closer to approving the world's first genetically engineered animal - a fast growing salmon called AquaAdvantage.  

Here is the article I just read about the latest on this in the NY Times -

I'd love to know what this community thinks about this, especially since we are so tied to the growing of our own food and our own fish,  Personally I'm deeply suspicious of claims of "safety" when it comes to our current inventory of genetically engineered food products, from both their potential impact on human health and their impact on the environment.  Given this, when I read this article and it claims that there will be no impact on the nutritional value or safety of the AquaAdvantage salmon nor any environmental impact, alarm bells are going off in my head.  

Anyone else having that reaction?  

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Sorry, I don't eat politicians

And I don't really think they would survive if they escaped into the wild, I expect the hunters would shoot them, heck, sometimes they shoot each other.

Frankly, yes, I too am concerned deeply with the ongoing genetic manipulations of our food. As a health professional I understand more than most layman as to what scientists are really concerned with. The modifications within our own genetic makeup as we ingest more and more of these GMO's. Many of us in the field feel the rising rates of certain types of cancers are directly related to the changes that our foods have been subjected to.It has taken centuries of man living on this planet to establish a healthy symbiotic relationship with the flora that resides internally and externally. When these various organisms are changed then the ways that they work (or don't work) with us as humans changes. The manipulated messenger RNA within the food does not magically disappear when your ingest them. They can and do manipulate other living cells.  Personally, I grow as much food as I can and am striving to grow even more and spread the gospel of non genetically modified foods grown organically. This mode of living is not only healthier but also has the benefits of reconnecting people with their food and saves some hard cash in the process. Please do your own research and make your own decisions; I did. 

I already have the choice to buy "Organic Salmon" at several markets here in New York... when I confronted the purveyor that there was no such thing he replied that it is organic in the country it comes from. Really? Just how cheap has Organic become? I am looking forward the the day I can only buy GMOrganic Salmon from Aqua Advantage (a subsidiary of Monsanto since 2015) at the market. Less than 10 years I would expect.

Really?  Organic Salmon?  I was under the impression that no where had organic standards for raising fish.

Then again the whole "Organic Label" thing has gotten kinda perverted here.  I'm hearing about "organic pork" coming across the boarder and being sold as organic but there is nothing organic about the farms they are coming from, only bribes getting the regulators to look the other way.  Ya know, kinda like whole foods charging high prices for their sustainable, natural and organic foods but they are paying the same wholesale prices to the farms as the farms could make selling traditional instead of organic.

With those kinds of things going on in this country, Organic is getting less and less useful.

Buy local, know your farmers and/or grow your own as much as you can.

I am so impressed with the level of awareness displayed on this forum. I vote that this thread be archived into a hall of fame along with many others I have enjoyed reading here. It gives one hope not to feel so all alone.

I would like to see some of you gurus whom I respect so much do some serious investigation into the "chemtrail" controversy which just 2 years ago I thought was a bunch of bull but after 2 years of research (and non stop aerial displays of chemtrails here in the Smokys) I am 95% convinced is a very serious health hazard that is being ignored by mainstream despite all the worldwide concern. Why would Monsanto come out with an aluminum tolerant gmo corn? Aluminum is a major component in chemtrails.  So much for grass fed animals, free range chickens to beef. We raise sheep and chickens on our now questionable "grass".

Keep in mind that 2 prominent reporters left Fox due to a scathing report they did on Monsanto which after $$ threats from Monsanto Fox refused to run the report.(Companies owned by M are major advertisers). $$ keeps all their greed under wraps at our expense. For those not exposed to the M controversy please watch the doc "The World According To Monsanto" that got them fired (actually they left Fox in protest giving up very lucrative careers so kudos to them):

If after watching this now aging doc you still think M is working on your behalf, be it GMOs or otherwise, get real.

The chemtrail controversy is so huge I don't even know where to send you so just Google it and start learning for yourself.

  I am now in grad school and have been exposed to and learning alot about Gm and transgenic science. And while I have aquired some understanding of the why and wherefores of these products my opinions have not change and I still fervently believe that industrialized food production only benefits the companies that own them and their share holders at the cost of the environment, communities and cultures. These products are made not for the 'altruistic' purpose of feeding the world, but for economic gain only.

  I'll keep fighting the good fight here Lincoln,NE.

Some of the reasons I have become interested in Aquaponics include the price, quality and availability of fresh vegatables and particularly the ability to grow catfish for personal consumption. That being said, the world population is growing faster than the world food supply. While we may be suspect of this GMO fish, I think efforts like this are necessary. You can hardly find a cod to catch off the East Coast anymore because the fish have been swept clean. They are gone.If we are going to feed people, then, unfortunately, we need these GMO programs. It would be nice if everyone had an Aquaponics program in their backyard, but they don't.

Anyone ask how these salmon taste?



  The problem IS not about current food production. According to FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) recent studies reveal that 1/3 third of global food production is due to loss (poor infrastructure or harvesting practices) and waste (retailer and consumer) check out , for more about this topic. Also FAO reports that nearly one billion people suffer chronic hunger of the 7 billion people on planet Earth. Simple math reveals that if waste could be decreased significantly than feeding 9 billion projected by 2050 is a no brainer. But food is not grown for the hungry it is grown for those who can afford it!  Again economic driving forces not humane. Increasing food production does not equate to feeding more people. Also increasing food prodcution at what cost? Poisoned air and ground water, and unsure environmental consequences from untested products? You mentioned the cod are gone. This is correct, but caused by a culture of food and waste that must change. Aquaponics is just another small step in that change, just as urban homesteading, buy local, organic, get to know your farmer movements are small steps.  Do not buy into the hype of GM products as yeilds have top-off and are actually declining since the introduction of GM's.  Michael Franti has a lovely lyric in one of his songs that is a mantra for me 'when many little people, in many little places, do many little things, than the whole world changes'.



Let us take Gmo corn.  TYhe gene for BT toxin was "shot" into the DNA of corn.  If you don't know what I mean about shot read up on how genes are put into DNA.  The science is not very exact.  Read the report put out in 90'S by said companies about how there was no danger to people whatsoever case closed.  Now read the 2011 study done in Canada.  The researchers found BT toxin in over 80% of pregnant mothers and their fetus's.  Why is this not spoken about.  Read the book Wheat Belly" by William Davis MD and see what changing the genes in wheat have done to people and then if you do not believe him write me and ask me to tell you about the miracles that have happened in my body because I gave up wheat and all gluten about 6 to 7 months ago.  Find out what happened when they used this GMO technique on the children with the immune system defect.  You might wonder why they all died of cancer and GMO technique was brought to an abrupt halt in humans.   Then make up your mind and eat all the GMO salmon and corn you want and feed it to the masses.  We need a severe reduction in population and this is the way to bring it about.  Read the literature not Mansanto's propaganda.   We need to be against this completely  as they say "IMHO.  Merry Christmas to all and God Bless you all.  Mahalo Sylvia for bringing this up.  I just did 3 half hour discussions on our local tv about this subject.  This is very hot in Hawaii

Yea, need a population reduction, however, doing it via GMO means the survivors don't ever get to enjoy the contaminated crops again since some of them are pretty much impossible to keep from contamination.

Two items:

1.  The argument for GMO uses the expression (from a gov't regulation) "no substantial difference" between GMO and normal foods.  If that is true, then:

     1.  Will the market respond in like manner:  there is "no substantial difference"?

     2.  Are patents unjustifiable because there is "no substantial difference"?

If these two questions are answered 'no', then, ISTM, there is deception lurking in the communication.

2.  How do we answer the 'anti-science' allegation?

Well it was the companies wanting to get the products through regulation that managed to get the bureaucrats in government to agree to "no substantial difference"

The Market Well that battle is being played out in media and votes lately but the companies have lots of money invested so they are willing to spend much on the media campaigns to try to sway the market.But since patents belong to a different part of government the companies are getting their money there too.

What or which anti-science allegation are you asking about?  I know there have been experts hired by the companies to state that the science says it's safe while there are also plenty of scientists that want to see more research done before more GMO's are released.

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