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I just realized to solve a snail and slug problem in my grow bed I used Corry's® Slug & Snail Pellets which I now realize is not organic and may kill my fish.

So far I have not lost any fish and the pellets have been in the grow bed for over 2 weeks. Since it has been raining, the pellets are no longer pellets and more of a mush on top of and in between the grow bed rocks.

Should it be removed immediately (and how would I do that) or will the natural filtering process of the grow bed rocks keep my fish safe?

I could sure use some encouraging news at this point.


P.S. I have since added red wigglers to my grow bed and released 2000 lady bugs on my citrus, avacado and mango trees as well as the grow bed.

I don't know if the lady bugs will stay for a while  ... guess we will have to wait and see.

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Well, the good news is it's been two weeks, right? So hopefully nothing will happen to fish and plants. We have lost a few chickens and ducks to slug bait over the years, and I believe it was corey's, so my bigger fear is for YOU getting sick from eating the fish or produce. I'd contact corey's and ask them very specifically if the fear is warranted.

In the meantime, clean that shit out. Do some water changes, maybe even a salt treatment. "the solution to pollution is dilution". For slug control, I use sluggo brand, which is simply iron phosphate, a safe source of both iron and phosphorus for your plants, put in a tray with some oats.
I'd agree with Jon on this one. Get ahead of the possible problem and be concerned about the safety of your system to whoever you planned to have consume the fish and produce.

I would imagine the company would be more than helpful to let you know if you have anything to worry about.

As a general rule with aquaponics though, removing any variables (especially ones that could harm you) would be a good place to start.

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