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Hello all,

I am hoping to get some feedback/thoughts/comments/suggestions about putting a system in a greenhouse. I am not new to aquaponics but the greenhouse is a new piece.

I am a teacher. The district that I work for has given me a generous grant to start a small-ish system in a greenhouse. My personal system is inside so I am unfamiliar with the challenges of a greenhouse.

I really do not want this project to fall apart or experience unnecessary problems because I overlooked or didn't take into account certain factors of having a system in a greenhouse. I want to make sure that I have all the info I need before we construct the's -10 here with 4ft of snow on the ground so that won't be for a while.

I live in central NY. Weather is cold in the winter reaching down into the negative numbers, and hot in the summer reaching 90 at times with high humidity. 

Goldfish are my current choice of fish because of their adaptability but I am open to suggestions.

I really appreciate your thoughts!

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I HAVE BEEN AT AQUAPONICS IN MY BACKYRD GREENHOSE FOR ABOUT 1 1/2 YEARS. I just found a magazine publication and got the lifetime subscription to it. I would highly recommend you do the same. The bonus info you get right off the bat is well worth the small investment.   I use IBC totes and have lots of ideas about the best way to incorporate them but your school may want a more dressy look. I'm in Michigan so my weather is a lot like yours.

i am close to you and yes the temp is cold, my greenhouse was constructed in the middle of november.
this year things have gone well in the greenhouse. Some things I would do different are putting two layers right from the top of GH 6 mil poly. and insulation would be done early on.

I started aquaponics just about a month ago....and its as always a work in progress. learning the lingo and getting things right will come with time.


A lot of people forget you can eat goldfish/carp, so really they are a reasonable choice.
as for heating the green house. Pipes buried in concrete beneath a compost heap, and water piped into the greenhouse could work. As could water tanks or masonry painted black to absorb heat from the sun. The greater the mass, the longer it retains heat.
It really depends on the type of greenhouse and the environment it's being used in.
In an urban setting a glass greenhouse set against a south facing wall painted black could work.
A poly tunnel not so good.

In an off grid situation your choices are limited. piping fluid from a liquid cooled generator, or hot gasses piped through the greenhouse, from a heater or gasifier may work.
You need to do an audit your heat sources.

i am in southern ontario in a GH and using an electric oil heater right now helps but in minus 30 outside only keep 45 in GH over night.

I have watched this one before.....but in my climate if the sun does not come out i may not get over 50 degrees in the GH.

What might you have on aquaponic start up? I started but not very well so far.

Lost fish relized i do not understand siphons at all....and wonder why my system worked fine then after changing the bed why it all stopped growing. Am sure it was from the change in bacteria , just trying to build it back up now.

You could try a wood fired rocket stove. The Flue could run horizontally under the floor, ant exit at the far end. If the flue was brick or concrete, it would act as storage heater as well. Radiating after the fires gone out. The greater the mass, the greater the heat stored.
Rocket stove heater
and here
The second video explains better.

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