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I put some newly born tliapia in a nursery aquarium so they wouldn't be consumed by the big fish. They are doing fine but they don't seem to be growing very much. I'm wondering if a 40 gallon aquarium will actually inhibit their growth because of the small volume of water. That they will stay small. 

I'm feeding them 2 or 3 times a day and all else seems fine.


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what's the water temp?  what are you feeding?  commercial fry powder or crumble is over 50% protein, and will help them grow faster, but cooler temps will slow them down

I put them in the tank on 9/18 when the temps were in the 80s. In late October it cooled down to the 70s (I'm in the FL Keys) and that's what it has been. I'm feeding them "flake" from the fish store and also have introduced crumbled food that I feed the larger fish (from Aquaponic Source). Do low 70 temps qualify as cooler? 

yes, low 70's and they will grow slowly,, i have 10 or so fry (less than 1/4") in a 55 gallon tank that is in the upper 60's.. they're real slow growers! even with high protein food..

after they get up to about 2" to 3" or so, even with cool water, i get pretty good growth, using high protein aquamax 5d09

I use an old coffee grinder (the wife got angry when I tried to use the good one...) to powderize the same high quality feed I give the big guys. Flake food is ok for a goldfish in a bowl but your little guys need quality food.

I find that they grow fairly fast, at least compared to other breeds. My temps stay in the low 90's due to location. As they develop, you'll find that they grow at very different rates. To the point where some of the fastest growers will be able to eat the slower guys. The result is super fast growth, with a serious reduction in population.

A 40 gal is fine, 55 gal is great as well. I use an UG filter in my fry tanks (I have two 55 gal), as well as a canister filters with the pickup tubes modified/enlarged and then covered with fine net to keep the fry from getting sucked in.

Good advice. Thanks. Got the 40 gallon for the best price around -- free!. When the little guys get big enough they are going back in the big tank. 

By the way, are you using a hand cranked coffee grinder or an electric. I tried the food in a food processor but it didn't do a good job. 

before i got fry powder/crumble, i used our electric blender to powder my big pellets


     I'm new to raising tilapia, but I started last March and have found that water temperature seems to be the biggest factor in growth rate. My first sets of fry were in unheated tanks in the house, so the water was in the 60s and 70s. My latest set was dying until I heated the water. I keep it in the 80s and they are growing like mad! I also am using a 40 gallon to grow them to 4 inches, then I move them to my IBC tank on my porch. The fish in the IBC are 8 or 10 inches now and very tasty!!!

                   Good luck!!!

Keep them warm and fed, and they should be at or near 2" in a month. I put each batch, about 3-500 fry in it's own 26 gallon tank until they are near an inch, then I sell them. Seldom do I ever have to worry about where to put them, but at any rate, 40 gallons should be big enough to contain a clutch to 2" or so, but that's only if it is tied to adequate planted area

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