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Aloha Everyone,


Glad to be here. I'm from Hawaii and have been doing AP for about 4 years now. I just created a Facebook page with an idea I've had for a while. Here's the description from off the page. I dont know anything about Facebook but I know AP. My little LAUAE system works and I hope it can do some good in this world.




From site


Aloha Everyone in the World,
This is the LAUAE Aquaponic system.
U.nited in ...
A.cceptance of
Aloha -is a hawaiian word that comes closest to being described as 'an all incompassing love'.
Aquaponics- is a system of farming that combines aquaculture and hydroponics.
The LAUAE Aquaponic system is a simple idea using a simple recycled container (55 gallon poly barrel) to solve some simple problems: starvation, political apathy, disconnect of community, food security and awareness (health).
The idea is to have those around the world with existing aquaponic (AP)systems build this little simple AP system. Then they can build and sell them for income for themselves. They can also teach others in their community how to build them (charge/free of charge). But hopefuly they will give back, as I have with this, and build and give systems to those in real need.
These pioneering individuals will become the hub of a network of aquaponic farmers who will teach their family, friends, and neighbors to build and grow their own food and their communities.
When you become aware of what goes into your food you begin to heal yourself.
When you become aware of what it takes to build a community you begin to heal that community.
Please copy this simple idea. Let everyone know and especially tell them what it stands for. Because without all of us Living Aloha we can never be United in our Acceptance of Everyone.

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Rupert and TC did nothing wrong. Someone's ego got bruised,he threw a fit and ran away.

I think they were only being honest and aloha guy couldn't take it. There is so much information on all the forums he could have researched his idea a little better.

I liked the part about "not wanting to be a greedy a$$" but he wanted to charge for farm tours of his balcony?? Really?

That's the problem with AP. Everyone sets up a 20 dollar system and wants to teach AP. There are very few places in the world qualified to teach AP. Sharing information is great and should be encouraged. I hope he does show people his system, maybe it will get them thinking about something bigger and better.


Just my opinion

Todd  (company name witheld so as not to appear greedy)

Yeah I've been following this thread too, and really didn't get the drift that neither TC nor Rupert were being facetious at all. The guy did say that he 'came up with this idea in like 5 minutes', yet gets all bent out of shape when others don't share his belief that his 5 minute idea will address, Quote: "starvation, political apathy, disconnect of community" !!!

5 minutes and 20 bucks, I mean com' on...given the material to work with, I'd say that Rupe was being really mild in his response...

Though I was a bit surprised by his reaction, which I think was rather extreme and uncalled for. They were asking logical questions and offering constructive criticisms of the possibilities of such a system and he called them...

Quote: " two short sighted individuals who are in this for the money. Typical, gotta spoil it for everyone else."...WTF?

@Chip. Agreed. Only the part about that he should spend more time on the Aussie forums :)

Sorry Sylvia, my Mom comment was misunderstood - I was poking fun at Rupert and TC.

I think their assessment could be helpful and important if the original poster were considering investing any amount of time and/or money into this product.

I also agree with Todd's comments.

If you choose to throw a product up there on the big screen for all to see, you have to expect feedback. It's also reasonable to expect some of it might be in the form of criticism. They might have just saved this guy a lot of work and money.

Personally, given what he's said and what he's shown us, I would be concerned if he were to become an "AP Ambassador."  Why set people up for failure?

Agreed!  It is a funny balance, actually.  If you put something out there, you are asking for feedback and that feedback should be taken without defensiveness. As soon as you start getting defensive, well...guess what...

Chip, didn't you know that I"m mom in here?  Did you wash behind your ears today, sonny?  

Todd, I am SO with you on the "greedy" thing.  As someone who runs an aquaponics business, as Rupert and TC do and it sounds like you as well, I can assure you that no one is making a killing off of AP!  Profits are not the same thing as greed.  Profits are what pay the rent and grocery bill.  We need to get over that.

Lawrence sent me an email asking to be removed from this forum (odd that he didn't just remove himself).  I had no problem obliging. 

Hi Sylvia,

Actually, I did know you are "Mom" - I think I learned it in that crazy thread a while back with the fellow who thought his mentor was not properly credited with the invention of modern AP or something like that :)

I hope Lawrence doesn't get on the Aussie forums! If he does he'll see how nice Rupert and TC were to him.

I agree, nobody's getting rich on AP. After making a system for ourselves we figured there may be others that wanted the same type so we started a business to see. We spend most of our time at a show just telling people what it is!

I think aquaponics is still in an awareness stage. But that's OK, we're glad to share.

I didn't think his little barrel system was great nor bad.  But, the recommendation that people all over the world should be making them and selling/giving them away to people to use to grow veggies and food is kinda what I saw an issue with.  Mainly that a tank that small in my climate would be experiencing daily temperature shifts that would probably even kill goldfish during some seasons.  I had a 200 gallon tank experience a 20+ degree F shift from Sat afternoon into Sunday Morning and though all the fish in the tank can survive both temperatures just fine, the speed of the temperature change had many of them swimming sideways on Sunday Morning and that was a system with over 300 gallons in it total.

This is why I like to recommend at least 300 gallons of fish tank for any system that will be outdoors without protection and climate control.  I don't want to set people up to kill fish since that usually turns them off to the idea of aquaponics.

Oh, I didn't think I was being especially "mean" but maybe it was too much brutal honesty?

Yeah, he snapped at me on another thread, deleted his post, and split.  I think he misinterpreted open discussion as mortal criticism. Ironically, I agreed with his comment and thought process, I just made a wise-crack about eating guppies. Maybe he'll lurk for a while and try again when he grows up. 

Would that make em gulpies?

Nah... you're thinking a fish smoothie TCL...

Will a pump big enough to make fish smoothie out of 1 lb Tilapia fit in the barrel?

Would be such a shame to make smoothie out of bite size gulpies

Bit of a problem TCL... but just take the top grow bed off... and use this to blend... ezypeezy...


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