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Aloha Everyone,


Glad to be here. I'm from Hawaii and have been doing AP for about 4 years now. I just created a Facebook page with an idea I've had for a while. Here's the description from off the page. I dont know anything about Facebook but I know AP. My little LAUAE system works and I hope it can do some good in this world.




From site


Aloha Everyone in the World,
This is the LAUAE Aquaponic system.
U.nited in ...
A.cceptance of
Aloha -is a hawaiian word that comes closest to being described as 'an all incompassing love'.
Aquaponics- is a system of farming that combines aquaculture and hydroponics.
The LAUAE Aquaponic system is a simple idea using a simple recycled container (55 gallon poly barrel) to solve some simple problems: starvation, political apathy, disconnect of community, food security and awareness (health).
The idea is to have those around the world with existing aquaponic (AP)systems build this little simple AP system. Then they can build and sell them for income for themselves. They can also teach others in their community how to build them (charge/free of charge). But hopefuly they will give back, as I have with this, and build and give systems to those in real need.
These pioneering individuals will become the hub of a network of aquaponic farmers who will teach their family, friends, and neighbors to build and grow their own food and their communities.
When you become aware of what goes into your food you begin to heal yourself.
When you become aware of what it takes to build a community you begin to heal that community.
Please copy this simple idea. Let everyone know and especially tell them what it stands for. Because without all of us Living Aloha we can never be United in our Acceptance of Everyone.

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I can't find him on Facebook either. I guess Aloha is all I can say...

so much fun going on in here.  i only hope i get at least half this much critical feedback when i post my zany ideas!  :D

Holy crap. You all better not ride me when I throw my starter system pics up here. If I see one sardine can image in reply to my proud newbie posts...

I can't believe some of you are so lazy that you'd rather puree your guppies rather than properly fillet them.  Shameful.

It's actually a matter of nutritional sensibility..."Recent studies show"...A guppie smoothie has 1.836 times more nutritional value than the same weight of guppie fillets. This is believed to be because of the inclusion of bone, spinal, and brain mass...

You could probably puree a blue-fin tuna with Ruperts equipment btw...

I was figuring people would have to just gulp them down whole which is why I was trying to re-name them "gulipes"

Haha...the best is when he turns the blender on and almost ruins his polyester suit. I guess those are some of the dangers that come with doing live TV...

I was going to post this last week in the "Humane Treatment of Fish" thread, but thought it prudent not to. But I've been drinking tonight, so hey...why not?...

Barts response to the 'I will grant you 3 wishes' bit is one of my all-time favorites...hehe 

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